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DRAWLFEST is an important musical festival event planned and organized for the Philadelphia community by a passionate group of individuals who grew up in this city.

Our Aim?

We aim to have a well-deserved reputation for quality event planning and development, however, are faced with limitations and shortages in cash flow that prevent us from taking full advantage of securing venues, booking artists, advertising, branding, and marketing.

DRAWLFEST CONTEST is a series contest design to give all artist a chance to showcase their talent for opportunity to open for DrawlFestival in 2020 and win $25,000 prize.

Our goal?

Our goal is give arists a platform to perform their best act while giving them a chance to be promoted by our resources. This is not your standard competition.

We are looking for the dopest talent not just who can bring the most people out. We want you to “Drawl” on stage and wow the crowd and all of your competitors.

Good luck and we’ll see you at the next DRAWLFEST CONTEST!